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Merchant Cash Advances
Merchant Cash Advances or MCAs are a unique and relatively new method financing which is provided to certain retail businesses that accept credit in their normal day-to-day business.  The proceeds form MCAs can be used for almost any purpose. 

How It Works
Merchant Cash Advance companies will typically audit your previous six months credit card receipts to check for consistency.  In the vast majority of cases, the MCA will require that they also become the processor for your future credit card transactions.  Merchant Cash Advances are not loans but much like factoring, the actual purchase of future credit card transactions.

Merchant Cash Advances are considerable more expensive than a bank loan due to the dramatically increased risk involved.  Instead of requiring a fixed payment each month, an MCA will generally take out a fixed percentage of credit card receipts with the advance being paid back in 12 months or less.  If the business provided the advance goes out of business, the MCA takes the loss.

Typical MCA Clients
MCAs are often used by restaurants for construction or expansion needs.  Health Clubs, small retail stores, almost any retail business with significant credit card sales can potentially be in need of a Merchant Cash Advance.

If your business receives $25,000 or more in monthly credit card sales and is in need of quick cash, contact East Bay Factors.  We maintain relationships with some of the largest providers of MCAs in the nation. 

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