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Financing Your Business When the Banks Say...

Welcome to East Bay Factors
Today's credit-impaired economy is providing challenges for virtually all small and mid-size business entrepreneurs.  Banks aren't lending in spite of bailouts and unemployment has skyrocketed to over 10% with higher rates on the horizon....a difficult business climate for even the most experienced business owners.

Factors, asset-based lenders, and other members of the alternative commercial finance community assist owners of small and mid-size businesses with sources of working capital and cash flow financing when traditional bank financing is not accessible.  At East Bay Factors, we can assist you in sourcing the financing your company requires.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Asset-Based Lending

  • Equipment Leasing

  • Merchant Cash Advances

  • Import-Export Trade Solutions

  • Working Capital Loans

  • Payroll Solutions

  • Factoring

  • Purchase Order Finance

Payroll Finance / Factoring
One of the most common cash flow problems for small business entrepreneurs is working capital shortages caused by the granting of liberal payment terms (30 days or longer) on invoices for services performed or goods delivered.  Payroll intensive service sector companies such as janitorial / maintenance companies, guard services, staffing companies, lawn care / landscaping, and others are particularly hard hit when their customers take 45 days or longer to remit payments.

Factoring is the most powerful financial tool available to solve the problems of payroll caused by granting terms of payment.  With factoring, the client receives immediate cash for its invoices while its customers still enjoy liberal payment terms of 30 days or longer.  Most importantly, factoring is generally accessible to even the newest companies with little or no credit history. 

Member IACFB
International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers

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